B'nai B'rith Housing

BBH's Service Enriched Housing Model

Our award-winning, service-enriched senior housing allows our growing senior population to age in place. Where once downsizing meant having to leave the community you called home, now seniors in Sudbury, Brighton and Swampscott, have an affordable option. Our service-enriched model is considered the gold standard for senior affordable housing because it meets both the social and service needs of its residents. Read more below!
Community Spaces & Amenities
At all of our properties, we offer flexible amenity spaces (including but not limited to) a fitness center for health and wellness programming, a community room, a library, media room and outdoor patio amenity space suitable for social activities, recreation, intergeneration programming, etc.
Community Partnerships
In addition to the on-site activities like movie nights, celebrations and concerts, to name a few, we also work closely to develop community partnerships to best fit the needs of our resident population. Through these partnerships, our residents can benefit from medical screenings, group educational programming and more!
Dedicated On-Site Resident Service Coordinator
The supportive services plan for the site includes an on-site Resident Service Coordinator (RSC) to provide residents with referrals and linkages to community-based resources.

BBH's Service-Enriched Housing is Nationally Recognized for Creating Communities of Quality

In 2019, B'nai B'rith Housing enlisted the Leading Age LTSS Center at UMASS Boston's Gerontology Department to engage with our residents at The Coolidge at Sudbury and The Covenant House in a survey and focus group research study to obtain feedback on ways to improve the living environment and lives of residents.

In Their Own Words...

Hear why people are praising B'nai B'rith Housing

and see the impact our housing model makes in people's lives

Meet Anna...

Fifty years ago, Anna made her way from Hong Kong to the United States and settled in Quincy with her husband. After weathering the storm of a divorce, she found herself on her own for the first time in her life, and moved into an apartment in the South End. She felt alone; the stairs in her building took a toll on her, she didn’t feel safe walking in the dark after parking far away; and it was challenging to make friends.

Moving to BBH’s Covenant House Communities in Brighton changed everything for Anna. At Covenant House she is part of the flourishing Chinese community that is among the many nationalities represented in this diverse and inclusive development. Anna can regularly be found chatting with fellow residents at coffee hours, setting up Chinese movie nights, or shopping with her friends. She loves that the staff – including two who are fluent in Mandarin – organize so many events, including important cultural customs, like the annual Moon Festival – “it’s my one of my favorite celebrations!” says Anna.

Anna looks forward to doing more gardening in the spring – making the most of Covenant House’s rooftop garden space. “I missed being able to garden, it was something I couldn’t do at my last apartment. I’m excited to be able to do something I love that makes me and other people happy.”

Meet Patricia...

Patricia remembers the day she got the call about an opening at Covenant House; “I had been staying on a friend’s couch for two years because I couldn’t find a place I could afford. When I got into Covenant House, I leapt at the chance!” Now Patricia has a place of her own that she can be proud of and she has her independence while also having access to staff and activities that help her thrive.

A long-time sufferer of back pain, Patricia visits the building’s fitness center and participates in group exercise classes regularly. “I am very thankful for (Fitness & Activity Coordinator) Catrina! She is very knowledgeable and comforting, and has helped me with customized exercise routines to keep me moving.” In addition to classes, Patricia enjoys spending time with her neighbors at holiday celebrations and community events. “I’m a big fan of all of the musical performances – but any opportunity to come together with my neighbors is nice. I like talking to other residents and feeling like I’m part of a community.”

Providing affordable homes and important support services for people like Patricia is paramount to what we do at BBH. At BBH, we believe that everyone deserves a quality place to live, and we are proud to create new housing opportunities and advocate for those who would otherwise be left behind.

Meet Odessa...

Meet Odessa. For years, she had no options for affordable senior housing near her family. Boston traffic made the travel time between Odessa’s small apartment in Braintree and her son’s home in Billerica long and difficult. Odessa felt lonely and isolated from her family. Her son, Myles, constantly worried about not being able to get to Odessa when she needed help. When The Coolidge at Sudbury opened, everything changed.

“Moving into The Coolidge has literally been a life-changer for our whole family,” Myles tells us. “It has easily put 10–12 years back on my mom’s life. Being around people her own age, being able to socialize and take classes—it’s all been great for her. She loves that place so much; she no longer feels cooped up and she has so much more energy.”

“There was so much attention to detail put into The Coolidge to make it easy for seniors, and I can’t say enough great things about the amenities and the staff. It’s life-changing for me, too, being the one who cares for her. We love bringing the kids to visit, and I love knowing that my mom has everything she needs,” says Myles.

Now, Odessa gets to spend time with her grandchildren. Her son and daughter-in-law can take her to appointments and visit with her. To stay active and meet her neighbors, Odessa has joined the knitting club, attends chair exercise classes regularly, and joins her fellow residents for gatherings and celebrations. An avid reader, Odessa can also access the Sudbury Senior Center’s shuttle service to easily visit the local public library.

Odessa was thrilled to share her feelings about living at The Coolidge: “Everyone here is very friendly, they’ve made me feel comfortable and at home.”

BBH is proud that we could give Odessa a home she can afford with the support that allows her to thrive but there are so many other individuals and families who still need affordable places to live.